“Some women fear the fire, and some simply become it”

~ R.H. Sin

with NaniLea Diamond

APRIL 9, 10 & 11, 2021



Into the Heart of your Feminine Creative Power.

FRIDAY- Your Energetic Castle

The Feminine Blueprint;

a model for women to create powerfully, from their Feminine Essence, Intelligence and Guidance System



The LOWEST you allow yourself to go is your STANDARD.

The FLOORS of your Castle.



The agreements you hold with others and the external world of time & space.

The WALLS of your Castle.



The peak of what you allow yourself to experience and sustain in the highest frequency.

The CEILINGS of your Castle.

These 3 foundational energetics make up your Energetic Castle.

They work together through the principle of TENSEGRITY.

One moves, they all move.

That means—

if you want to go higher in your life in some way, you will be tested in all 3 areas.

Until all 3 are redefined, there will not be CONGRUENCE for the EMBODIMENT of what you want.

Most people focus on one area and are not aware of all 3, much less the relationship of TENSEGRITY between them.

Learning this skill set gives you the tools to make the shifts that matter most in the energetics that precede all formation of reality.

Most people fight against the circumstances of the world trying to “make something happen.”

They do not realize the energy dynamics BEHIND it.

If you are not an energetic match or holding resonance for it….

It will not happen.  It won’t stick.  It can’t stick.

That’s energy 101.

What foundational energetics make up your personal space and how to consciously create and navigate them is one of the BIGGEST factors to how a woman holds herself in the world.

Is she a resonate match for what she DESIRES?

Her Energetic Castle will determine what she attracts and can sustain.

She may have peak moments or dabble in the energy of what she wants.

But, until she consistently maintains the Energetic Castle of that frequency resonance, it is not a match and will not sustain.

Instead of chasing outcomes and working hard in the external world.

Commit to mastery of your own ENERGETICS.

That is where the MAGIC lives.

Nothing outside of you will make it happen.

It won’t be handed to you on a platter.

It won’t be packaged in a coaching strategy.

It won’t come by wishing or praying.

If it is not EMBODIED, it just can’t sustain.

Know how to Navigate your Energetic Space.

Until you are in conscious creation of your Energetic Space, you will always come back to the lowest common denominator.   That is energetic law.  For sustainable shifts into EMBODIMENT of MORE there must be an energetic elevation of all 3 zones of your Energetic Castle.

In this ONE DAY immersion you will leave with

the skill sets necessary to create SUSTAINABLE elevation in your life, starting with the ENERGY DYNAMICS that reside at the CORE.

Your Energetic Castle.

The energetic space fit for your Queen.



What stops a woman from really living full out?

The fear of:

– Persecution

– Judgement

– Confrontation

– Rejection

– Alienation

– Isolation

– Dismissal

– Castigation (shut out by other women)

– Being burned at the stake

– Projections being cast

– Being torn down

– Publicly humiliated

– Having love withdrawn

– Not being enough

– Being abandoned

– Disappointing yourself or others

What if all of these energies were actually an ALLY to your growth?

What if you could stand in the face of ANYTHING and NOT SHRINK BACK?

What kind of FIRE would have to become your ALLY?

In this ONE day immersion we will dive into the ENERGY BEHIND what holds you back.


You may have all the strategy and “know how”…
but, if there is an underlying fear of one of these energetics RULING YOU, you will not live in your Full Glory.


These energies are INVISIBLE and often exist at the level below conscious awareness…


You can mostly recognize them by seeing yourself have BLOCKS to creating what you want.

You may go from coach to coach or program to program or guru to guru trying to find the solution…

The solution is addressing the ENERGY DYNAMICS at play.

Every is ENERGY.

And, energy follows laws.

You cannot create that which you are not aligned with.

You will get set back to the energy that is underlying that needs to be addressed.

Until you address it…

Life will keep organizing for you to bring it to the surface and face it.

So, why not learn how to FACE IT LIKE A QUEEN.

This is the place of true power.


The Glorious Initiatrix Activation

One of the KEY energetics that resides in the Queen is SELF INITIATION.

Self initiated CHOICE.

Self initiated ACTION.

Self initiated DECISION.

Self initiated CREATIVITY.

She can be INSPIRED by a multitude of experiences.

She can taste all the flavors and colors of life…

She can be wooed and invited into anything…

She can visit it and consider it…


When it is time to decide what she will call her OWN.


What she draws into ACTION and EMBODIMENT is Self Determined.

She either INITIATES herself into it…. or she does not.

It is a CHOICE.

The power of a woman to call herself FORWARD.


The resilience of a woman to RISE like a Phoenix and EMBODY something NEW.


She can wait for someone else to activate her.

She can complain for eons about why it isn’t happening.

She can chase her tail in blaming circumstances until she is old and tired.



and watch LIFE organize around HER.

The counterpoint of life moves.

The circumstances now organize towards her CHOOSING.




She sits on her THRONE and has the audacity to LEAD her life.

She INITIATES herself.


She sits at the center of true Co-Creation with life.

Honoring life’s majesty of creation.

Honoring her own majesty of creativity.

In HARMONY with life.

In HARMONY with her own Essence and Desire.

She KNOWS how to ACTIVATE the ENERGETICS of her Glorious Initiatrix.

“It’s a space to taste and connect to the raw and wild beauty of the Sacred Feminine at the core, with all its vulnerability and power and to connect with the wisdom of the heart and the true feminine self.”

“She embodies the Sacred Feminine and the wild woman who is receptive and connected to source and channels healing energies, for women. I love her energy, love and exquisite sensitivity and femininity”

– Olga Perez –

She is meant to be fully LIVED.

“ Some women fear the fire, and some simply become it ”

– r.h.sin

The area of PERSONAL POWER is one that women have struggled with for generations.

We are still RISING into Equanimity and HONOR of who we are as

women. Society still conditions us thorough the media and social programming to play small, fit into a mold, and do as we are told.


NaniLea takes you through a journey of the underlying patterns that hold
women back and how to break the mold and live in 
your Full Glory.

What do you love about the Full Glory events?

“I love the challenge to play full out, be witnessed. The potency of the group of women. Truth, awareness, leadership and willingness to go deep.  Staying together.”

-Brittany Pelaez-

“I love that I feel excited, clear and ready to let my light SHINE. I am connected, inspired and transformed. I love the women who have shown up and played FULL OUT. Thank you for this life-changing experience.”

– Michelle Villalobos –


NaniLea is known for being a mentor to powerhouse women who are raising the bar for what is possible…unapologetically, for themselves and the world.




NaniLea is a Priestess, doctor, entrepreneur, wife, mother,

teacher, artist, and game-changer. She has been supporting influencers to rise into their full expression for the last 12 years. She has created and co-created 3 six-figure businesses that have delivered over 80,000 transformational sessions to clients worldwide.


She is sought out for her piercing illumination of truth and skill sets of energetic alchemy that give clients the accelerated advantage of rapid clarity, empowerment and results.

Her mission is to help powerhouse women become
extraordinary leaders by living in their Full Glory and
deliberately creating an IMPACTFUL WORLD CHANGE.

I love every moment. I found my home, loved the sharing, dance, entrainments., safety, love, trust. Love the Priestess Palace.

The Music.”

I love everything about working with NaniLea. I don’t have the words to express my deep gratitude. Magic.

– Erinn Dailey –

What Nanilea can tap into because of who she is, is a unique gift. Her embodiment of the feminine allows her to access and receive a broader, deeper spectrum of the mystery which allows me (as someone who is lucky enough to be in her care) to transform more quickly and more deeply. In turn, this allows me to positively impact others more effectively. Whether or not this growth feels comfortable at the particular moment, she is there exuberantly cheering me on and fiercely holding me to my own highest standard. To me, this is deeply feminine in nature, and is extremely helpful in allowing me to continue to be the best that I am.”

– Karen C. –

Seer and Visionary

“What I love about working with Nanilea is that she sees and works with all of me.  Her approach is one of wholeness.  She sees the potential in me and what is there waiting to be unlocked so that I can serve the world in an even greater capacity.   She helps facilitate and embolden those parts of me until I am shouting:  “I am ready”!   She also sees the parts of me that are still scared and wounded.  She speaks to the little girl inside coaxing her out into a conversation to discover what she needs to be healed and loved.   Working with all of the parts of me Nanilea has helped me step into my role as a leader more boldly yet more softly, with both vulnerability and great strength.  My work with Nanilea has been a catalyst for a deeper, clearer connection and understanding of myself, my relationships, my work and the world around me.   With this deeper connection and understanding I am able to move through my life with more ease, confidence, love and joy.  Nanilea is a fearless embodiment of feminine power and she shows you how to step into that yourself for we all have it within us!  Thank you Nanilea!”

– Cherie Defer. –

Visionary, Artist

“I have benefitted tremendously from our sessions together. I feel much more relaxed, grounded and connected to myself. As an entrepreneur and leader I have been much more relaxed and patient. Overall I am better able to process and handle the stress of running my company. In addition, I have been able to bring in more business with ideal clients with less effort.

The way business is commonly conducted is with masculine energy. Women and men have amped up our masculine energy of working hard, pushing through, competition (zero sum game), effort and action as the main focus of a means of success. Now more and more people are understanding the power of feminine energy: the energy of allowing, of receiving, of collaboration, and of clarifying vision before action and finding the win-win for everyone involved.

Sessions with NaniLea have helped remind me to nurture and connect with my feminine energy as a leader. We need to be vigilant to create space to nurture our feminine energy in a business world with tremendous inertia for masculine energy. Seeing NaniLea is a sacred routine which helps me to connect with my deepest powers.”

– Betsy –

Co-Founder ImproverHQ

“Working with Nanilea has been nothing short of profoundly healing on all levels.  Nanilea is a master of her craft and truly embodies the essence of her work.  As someone who holds space and guides women through the journey of Kundalini Shakti awakening myself, finding Nanilea was a perfectly timed gift from the universe.  I knew instantly I was in good hands and could let go and RECEIVE.  Through our work I was able to continue deepening in my authentic service.  In a world filled with so much noise, I know of no greater gift then that which brings me into my authentic being and service.  I highly recommend Nanilea as a healer and as an individual who embodies the essence of JOY.  I would love everyone, especially women on the path of awakening to experience the masterful healer that is Nanilea.”

– Anahita Joon. –

Visionary, Author, Earth Advocate, Shaman Priestess, Embodiment Muse 

“My experience with working with Nanilea has been nothing short of extraordinary.  Nanilea brings presence and passion to everything she does. She has cultivated a level of mastery and understanding of technique that has blown my mind on many occasions. She has the gift to be able to educate others not only about their health and body but how to create transformation in their lives. Nanilea has helped me to discover and claim my own unique gifts that I am meant to bring to others. 


For example a couple years ago I was enraged and upset by something that was occurring in the political arena. It continued to put me in a fight or flight state in my body. Nanilea helped me shift from feeling victimized, to empowering myself with education and getting involved in the community and becoming an activist! A version of myself I never knew existed. I was then able to give a gift back by educating and empowering others around this issue. Another area of my life that has been a challenge for me is my intimate relationship. Through my care with Nanilea I have discovered how I get into the masculine part of myself when I try to communicate with my spouse. This has sent me on a new course of discovery and desire to cultivate what it means to me to be in my feminine core and in my feminine power. I understand now how when I come from the masculine my spouse goes into defense and there becomes a battle verses when I communicate from the feminine how the masculine responds very differently and the charge is melted. This discovery has shown up in my business too. 


I am noticing how energy flows differently when I am in my feminine. I dress differently and feel different and am more authentic in who I am and what I am offering to others. I am seeing more clearly how things need to be structured in my business to support my energy so I can grow and serve more people. I see how my business is really a reflection of my inner/outer state of being. New clients just seem to show up when I am in my feminine power and I can see how psycho physical it all is. Nanilea is a true gift to humanity, a force of positive change, and a genuine earth angel.”

– Dr. Randi Druda, D.C –

Business owner in Fairfax, CA

“The wisdom and insight Dr. Nanilea Diamond brings to her clients is a gift. She creates an environment of openness and trust which allows one to see clearly how to change perspective for the best possible outcome. Like professional athletes have coaches, she is of world cup quality. Her deft intuition, warm heart and compassion lift me to the height of my own unique talents. I am grateful for her divine feminine power and the light she brings into my life and the world.”

–  Cathy Riva  –

President of Riva Events Host of Celebrate Everyday Mindfulness teacher

“Nanilea is the embodiment of the awakened, soulful feminine.  She is graceful yet incredibly powerful with her unique ability.  To see beyond what most of us see.  She lovingly supports and guides women to their own ecstatic awakening.  In her presence you feel the Divine Mother, Sister and Goddess within us all.  She is a true healer and magic “energy” medicine woman for us all.”

Liz Dobbins –

Owner of the Shine Center in Oakland, CA

“I love having permission, encouragement and support around DESIRE— how to own my desires unapologetically. I love the extraordinary magic that happens that blows my mind in a new way.”

“What I love about working with NaniLea is her compassion, humility, deep listening, powerful wizardess Priestess badassness, grace, beauty, fire and most of all her BIG love that shines through everything she does. She is a living embodiment of all that she teaches.”

Amber Critchfield –

“The most transformative experience I’ve had in a long time, if not ever. The connection and sisterhood with Nanilea and the other women is very special to me. Nanilea is so nurturing and powerful and able to lead each woman how she needs to be led. Her intuition and strength and open heart and her passion and softness are what I love most about Nanilea. I trust her to lead me with full faith.”

Alexandra Kontos –


“Magic. Play. Portals. Vortex. Awakening. Angels. Priestess. Fairy Godmother. Movement Maker. Gift from God.”

– Elizabeth Webb –

“I love the ‘come to me!’ The reminder that women’s lives can be effortless, in co-creation with the Divine. I love healing, growing, and being witnessed by my sisters. I’ve enjoyed witnessing them in their growth as well.”

“Nanilea is the pure essence of unconditional love on this Earth. Having her by my side as my mentor, friend and sister has been one of the biggest blessings and gifts.”

– Martha Vauldes-Fauli –


If you have questions you can schedule a call with a team member here!

If you need additional help, please email our team at support@nanileadiamond.com.

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